Final Days

The last two days of the trip were spent at Aquila Game Lodge which was about two and a half hours away from Cape Town.  This was the highlight of the trip because of the game drives.  Even though the weather was terrible since it was foggy and cold, I enjoyed being able to see the Big Five.  The game drives were an awesome way to finish the trip.  My favorite part of the game drive was being within 10 feet of some incredible animals.



Throughout the trip, I learned so much about leadership and entrepreneurship in Cape Town.  I also bonded with the other students on the trip and made friends that I would not normally hang out with at school.  The last night was spent reflecting on the trip and I enjoyed seeing the skits that portrayed several portions of the trip.  I am now back in the United States, and I realized that this maymester changed my life.  I plan to use what I learned to become a better leader and have a different outlook on entrepreneurs.  Overall the trip was awesome and full of wonderful experiences.  Thanks Dr. Turner for all of your hard work and planning for this trip.


Matt Smith


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