Post-South Africa

Since leaving South Africa, all I wanna do it go back!! I had such a blast on our trip and made really meaningful connections with people that I wouldn’t have been able to other wise–students and professors. Things in Africa are truly different than they are here. Besides the 19 hr flight, I’d book my trip back in a heart beat.

This was an interesting article I saw since returning. It really encompasses how different things are in S. Africa. They are behind us in a real way-

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the trip!

ImageZebra at Aquila Lodge



At Dornier in the Wine Country of Stellenbosch

ImageMoon at Sun rise at Aquila Lodge


Elephants playing at Aquila Lodge


View of Camp’s Bay


Cape Point at the Cape of Good Hope


Group Picture at Hout Bay

Like I previously mentioned, South Africa is behind in so many ways compared to the USA. I think this may sound like an obvious observation, but it is something that I understand even more now that I have been to the country. Since the apartheid government’s rule only ended 20 years ago. This is a short span for the country to catch up in terms of racial equality. The link I posted shows a depiction of how some communities continue to live-even today under ANC (African National Party) rule. Another very interesting point that was brought to my attention was that black people in S. Africa were never given the opportunities that the white people were given. This includes work experience and education. When the ANC came into rule, black citizens were all the sudden given the jobs they always longed to have–without the work experience and education. Because of this, I think some of the countries development has been slowed down.

I can’t wait until I return to S.Africa! We should do a reunion trip! Somehow I just need to come up with the funds!

Had an amazing time! Dr. Turner, his wife, Nancy, DAD (Mike), Stuart, Alex, and everyone else who contributed to our experience are sincerely appreciated!



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