The Days following South Africa

Since arriving back in the Sates since our trip to South Africa, I haven’t been able to talk about anything but my trip. Everyone wants to know about it and I am more than happy to tell them how amazing it was. The one thing that sticks out about the whole trip that was by far my favorite was our trip we made to False Bay and Cape Point at the Cape of Good Hope. Nothing is more awe-inspiring than standing next to the lighthouse 500+ft above the South Atlantic, looking down on the ships round the southern tip of Africa. It makes a man seem small if not tiny when you look at the sign that shows the distance to New York as a mere 12,000km away. You look behind you at the mountains that tower around  the point and the people that look the size of ants as they begin the climb up to the lighthouse. Its something about the ships rounding the Cape today just like they did for the past 350 years that ultimately connects us to those who came before. You begin to realize that we are and always will be connected to the past in one way or another. I can definitely say that I will be making a trip back to South Africa at least once and hopefully more than once in the future because it is definitely worth every second of 30 hours of flying and every dollar spent. I couldn’t be happier with the Maymester and I hope everyone at PC takes advantage of the Maymester system while they can!Image

Looking out over the South Atlantic from the lighthouse on Cape Point.


The sign pointing to distance cities of other continents.



The gates to Cape Point on the Cape of Good Hope.



A view of the distant beach on the Cape with its crystal clear, although freezing cold water.



The lighthouse on top of the hill overlooking the South Atlantic.



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