Day 9 (Free Day & Rugby Game)

Beginning Friday afternoon and continuing to Saturday morning, we had “free time” to rest from our busy week, but also to do whatever we would like.  So, Friday night a group of us went to Dubliner’s where the band played all American songs for us.  We had a blast by singing loudly to the music.  Then on Saturday morning, we walked to Greenmarket to do a little shopping.  Every piece was “original” even though almost every table had the exact same things.  The people there wanted you to buy everything from them and would always say, “For you my friend, I give you a special price.”  It was an experience going to Greenmarket and I learned how to haggle down the prices.


Saturday afternoon, we first went to The Toad before the rugby game.  The Toad is a restaurant/bar type of place and is owned by a former rugby player.  It was definitely the place to be before the game.  This being my first rugby game, I had to ask many questions during the game.  I wanted to compare the sport to football, but at times, it had elements similar to soccer as well.  To me, the biggest differences were that the game seemed a lot shorter, it was harder for them to score, and there was no announcer narrating the play by play of the game.  Overall, I had a lot of fun and I am glad the Stormers won!




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