Day 10 (Aquila Game Lodge)

To end our trip, we packed our belongings, said goodbye to Cape Town, and drove to Aquila Game Lodge.  I was really excited on the way there since I was anticipating all the animals that we may encounter.  Before even arriving in South Africa, I always pictured a game drive to be on a nice, warm, sunny day where we could clearly see all the animals in their natural habitats.  I was mistaken since the weather the day we went was not ideal.  It was cold, raining, and foggy during our game drive the first night.  Therefore, none on my pictures came out that great, but that is okay since I was still amazed at what I saw with my own two eyes.  In addition, we all played Grant’s game of trivia that and bonded as a group for the last time.  I thoroughly enjoyed the skits and how everyone was able to tell us all what their favorite memory from the trip was.

The next morning we woke up before the sun did and prepared for our morning game drive.  I was excited to see the animals one last time.  Thankfully, Monday morning was beautiful and it was very enjoyable to watch the sun come up over the mountains.  This time I got better pictures and was able to see more animals than the night before.


Overall, I had a blast in South Africa!  Looking back on it, I wish we had stayed at least one week longer.  I remember towards the beginning of the trip how each night I would go back to the hotel and think that that day was the “Perfect Day.”  After that kept happening each day, it was hard to decide what my one favorite memory from the trip would be.  I enjoyed learning a bunch about South Africa, meeting some great people such as Stuart, Grant, and our speakers, but also doing the touristy things as well. I cannot thank you enough for taking us on this trip Dr. Turner, and for bringing along Nancy and Mike as well!  I wish I had gone on a Maymester each summer starting my freshman year.  Thanks again and this trip to Cape Town was definitely the highlight of my summer!


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