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As I sit down and reflect upon my travels halfway around the world, I cant help to think how blessed I am to be able to go on such an amazing adventure with amazing people. We all had no idea what to think but we soon found out that Cape Town was filled with everything imaginable! No one would have guessed that we could learn so much in another country in just two weeks that FLEW by.
One of the main things that sticks out in my mind about the trip is the day we spend at the university. I did not expect the school or students to be anything like I had experienced before. I could not have been more wrong. They are just like we are! Hard working students that want an education. It amazed me how hard they worked on a product that they designed themselves and figured out everything they need to do to sell it to the public. It inspired me so much that I have thought about it numerous times since i have been home. It made me say to myself “You can do that, Will, you just have to try!”
Stuart Hendry is a man that will have a lasting impact on my life. He taught us so many life lessons in his lectures, some that we probably haven’t realized yet. He was also very inspiring in the way that he spoke to us. He told us to find what we love and follow it. He taught us to have morals in everything we do and do it with passion. I would love to go back for a semester just to take his class!
My world view has changed drastically because of this trip. I had not traveled much outside of the United States before and now I know that Africa is not just what we see on TV. It is just like the US in the sense that there are people just like you and me that want to make a living and have a good life. This trip opened my eyes and made me want to venture out of my country and explore the world and meet all types of people!
So thank you Dr. Turner for taking our group on such an amazing trip. We all know you put many hours into planning it and you have no idea how much we appreciate it. YOU made this trip what it was and YOU have changed 25 students view on the world for the better. You da man.

-Will Varner


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