The Journey up the Table Mountain

As I reflect back on my trip to South Africa, one thing I remember is saying the word “fun” a lot. The entire trip was exciting, memorable, and educational. My attitude towards the world and life has changed drastically since the trip. One incredible moment I had in South Africa that I will never forget is climbing Table Mountain. Climbing Table Mountain was a new experience for me because that was my first time climbing a mountain. Most importantly, it was the journey to the top of Table Mountain that had the most impact on my views. As I started to climb, I knew I was going to finish. First of all, my expectations of climbing the mountain were so off. Within the first ten minutes, I was already tied. But, I kept thinking to myself that I was going to finish. I came across a few paths where I felt scared to continue. I would breath and take it one step at a time. As I was approaching the top, there was this dark rocky path. I freaked out. I almost cried, but I did not. I just remember telling myself that I can do it.

In my lifetime, I know that my path to success will not be easy. I know that I will come across some scary pathways, but I must stay positive, calm, and continue to move forward. Climbing Table Mountain, reassured me that even at my lowest, I can do anything I want. I learned to trust myself to make the right decisions. I am not perfect, so when I make mistakes I must trust in my faith to relieve me from my mistakes. South Africa, I want to thank you for helping me to become more independent, determined, and appreciative of my life and others like my family and friends. When I reached the top of Table Mountain, I felt so accomplished. Climbing Table Mountain is only the beginning of an adventurous life that I hope to live.


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