Looking Back, Now Looking Forward

The trip to South Africa has drastically changed the way I view the world.  My perspective of how big this world really is has shifted since going to Africa.  I honestly do not think I could have gained this new perspective without traveling a long ways from home.  It is something I and most other kids learn as we move through childhood.  As a young kid I thought that the world revolved around me.  As I aged and grew I started to see that the world was a little bit bigger than my yard and my pre-school playground.  Every year my perspective grew bigger with every inch I grew.  One thing I think I always missed until the trip was just how many people there were in the world trying to make their life matter just like mine.  I think inside of every person is a purpose and a need to make the time that we have on earth count.  With out going on to South Africa and taking the classes I took, I think I would have missed this important lesson.  This may not be completely right, but I think the life that is used to its full potential.  Is the life that is lived out to help others make the most of their life.  The mix of everything on the trip from; the classes, to volunteering at Philippi, and traveling around the Cape.  All these experiences helped me see this.  I have to give Stuart a big thanks for being the perfect model of this lesson.  He is an extremely smart and driven man, and he spending his precious time on earth helping those who are less fortunate than him.  No matter what I end up doing for the rest of my life, I want to helping people make the most of their life. 


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