Day 1 – Intro to SA & Leadership


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  1. Today was our first full day in Cape Town. I was feeling refreshed after a good solid night of sleep in an amazing hotel room bed and ready to listen to South African entrepreneur, Stuart Hendry.
    During the morning session, we learned all about the history of South Africa with an emphasis on Cape Town. Dr. Hendry did a great job of engaging us and putting things into perspective for us. Using stories, PowerPoint slides, and videos, we learned all of the background information that has lead to great friction and tension between the Dutch Afrikaaners, the English, and the native black Africans. Knowing the history really helped us to understand the greatly diverse and plentiful country of South Africa.
    After our short lunch break where I finally got to look outside at the captivating landforms and greenery, Dr. Hendry taught us about leadership and how it is such a key factor in growth in South Africa. As a primarily female lead country, it is pertinent that males begin to regain some key leadership positions. Good leaders are the only way to reaching the vast untapped resources of South Africa. Dr. Hendry taught us what leadership skills are most important and how to instill these qualities in individuals. He explained to us that one of the big reasons for the lack of leadership as well as the dramatic gap between the rich and the poor is due to early childhood education. An alarming number of children under the age of seven aren’t getting a proper education or aren’t getting any education at all. It is so important for young children to be properly educated because of the window of opportunity for a large portion of an individual’s development, called the critical period, is during these early years. Children can absorb much more information before the age of seven than at any other age. Dr. Hendry and his team brought great facilities as well as teacher to some of the poorest parts of South Africa to help develop the new generation for future growth. We will be helping build one of these schools over the week along with Dr. Hendry and a group of students from the University of Cape Town.
    To finish of the session, we learned about how to evaluate some of our own strengths and weaknesses. We were given a packet of questions about our future goals, our strengths, weaknesses, interests, priorities, relationships, and passions. We will turn these packets in to Dr. Hendry on Friday and he has promised to mail us them is 6 months time so that we can see if our priorities are in order and if our goals have been reached.
    After our lectures, we got to go off campus to one of the 7 wonders of the world, Table Mountain. We took a gondola up to the top and got to see some amazing views. We looked over the huge city of Cape Town sitting against the Atlantic Ocean. We saw some unique wildlife and took some awesome pictures. We plan on hiking the mountain later in the week but going up top was pretty incredible.
    To cap off the awesome first day we went out to eat on the waterfront at a South African restaurant that offered a variety of local entrees. I personally got to try smoked antelope, zebra, and an ostrich filet. All were delicious as well as fairly priced.
    It was one heck of a first day and cant wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us as we head to the University of Cape Town, Africa’s top university.
    -Dylan Murray

  2. Day 1 in South Africa was amazing! I had an awesome time getting acquainted with Stuart Hendry who is a professor from the University of Cape Town. It was so clear how intelligent he was and how proud he was of his home country of South Africa. He began his lecture with a brief history of the country dating all the way back to the native african tribes (ex. sandsmen). By providing us with a history of SA it allowed me to appreciate the rest of what we learned that day. Now it is so much more meaningful to see where SA has been in their past while at the same time looking at the present, and future of this great country.

    While Dr. Hendry was lecturing on leadership I thought it was so amazing and clear how he made the connection between what he was teaching, and how it was actually being used in South African politics, business’s and the market place. Dr. Hendry did and excellent job or relating “classroom material” to real world scenarios and happenings which made it easy for us as the students to grasp this new information. The questions that were posed were sounded simple but were extremely deep and personal. The assignment that we were given to finish by friday is supposed to give us a good idea of what our purpose is in life. This has been extremely difficult exercise but I am excited to see the results when I am finished.

    My favorite part of the day was when we went to Table Mountain National Park. We drove to the base of the mountain and then took a ride in the cable car all the way to the top of the mountain. I love nature and I instantly fell in love with the landscape. The views were unbelievable and it was a great experience to share with the rest of the PC community. It is by far one of the most beautiful places in the world and it has given me an even deeper appreciation for Cape Town.

  3. The first day here in Cape Town was amazing! I was extremely excited to wake up in our beautiful hotel and curious to see what was in store for us. We began our day with a wonderful breakfast that included everything one could imagine. After breakfast, we journeyed to the conference room of the Southern Sun hotel where we met Stuart Hendry, a professor at the University of Cape Town. He is truly a brilliant man who is determined to help South Africa grow and prosper in the future. Dr. Hendry taught us about the long history of South Africa and the instances that led to apartheid. It is truly amazing to understand what the people of South Africa endured and to see how Nelson Mandela and other leaders brought the nation together to become one. They are a very proud nation and I admire their composure and ability to work through the transition to a more democratic form of government. It is amazing that, after all the apartheid government did to the people, they were able to resolve their issues without it coming to war.
    Dr. Hendry also proceeded to teach us the importance of leadership and how important it was to produce leaders here in South Africa. There is a lot of potential for this place to grow and prosper. He also showed us the importance of finding and defining ones’ purpose in life. It is important to define ones’ purpose because that is what drives a person and keeps them focused on their goal. If they do not have a purpose, then they will wander through life and when they finally turn around to see what they have accomplished they will find that their life has been meaningless. He also gave us an exercise to assess our own values and purpose.
    The highlight of the day was our trip up Table Mountain. It was the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. We rode the lift up and explored a large portion of the top of the mountain; we could see views of the beautiful city, mountain ranges, and the coast. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to hike up the mountain on Sunday. I am thankful for the opportunity to be on this trip and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us.

  4. Day 1 in South Africa started with class in the hotel. There we talked about all of the things that have gone on in South Africa. We talked about the people we have migrated here and how it has shaped their history. We also talked about how they are trying to change laws to help improve their government. After class we rode the cable cars to the top of Table Mountain. There we were able to see all of Cale Town and the surrounding towns. Day 1 was a great day for us to learn more about South Africa.

  5. Our first day in South Africa was a successful one in the conference room of the hotel. We felt official. We met Dr. Turner’s good friend Stuart Hendry from the University of Cape Town. He is awesome and so, so sweet! He gave us an overview of the history of South Africa. It was very interesting to hear it from a real citizen who has lived there their whole life and not off the internet. He then challenged us to find our purpose in life and to be leaders. He explained to us how leadership is a key part of the future hope for success and growth in South Africa. It was so cool to hear about how far they have already come as a country. We learned about Stuart’s township program which we are going to have an opportunity to see later this week. I already know I am going to learn so much from him about how to be a true leader after this trip.

    After class we rode to the top of Table Mountain in a cable car! the view from the top is truly amazing. All of my pictures do not do it justice. It’s no wonder that it’s a seventh wonder of the world. So cool! It blows my mind that an entire city is all around this mountain. I don’t think I could ever get used to it if I lived here. I would be in awe of it every single day.

    It was a great first day!!

    -Katharine Anne

  6. Day 1 intro and leadership

    For our first full day in Cape Town we were able to hear lectures from Stuart Hendry a professor at the university of Cape Town. Our first set of lectures started off with learning about some of the great history and deep culture of South Africa. We started with learning about the first tribes and bushmen that occupied the lands of South Africa. Tribes from the southern part of South Africa would battle the northern tribes over control of the land. Netherlands cape was first settled as a halfway point when trying to go around Africa. These white settlers would eventually come into contact with the tribes already established in South Africa and the resulting friction between the two led to many battles and death. This kind of hate for each other really set the backbone for feelings during the apartheid. This brief history really made me understand that everything during the apartheid was really something that had been brewing since south Africa’s early days. Since the apartheid end Stuart showed us that the need for leaders and good leaders In South Africa is something that is vital to the future of South Africa. We learned that a good leader is someone who influences their followers and a bad leader is someone who manipulates their followers. We were shown that many leaders are good ones because they are able to satisfy the 9 funds,entail needs that people have. These needs are subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, creation, idleness, identity, and freedom. All of which are equally important and are all needed. All these lessons showed me this country is very proud of themselves and has only so much opportunity lying ahead of them. It will be great to see what’s left in store for us on this trip

    Teddy G.

  7. This trip has been an amazing experience since day one. The start of the trip began with four flights that landed us in Cape Town, South Africa. We arrived Thursday at 10pm after flying for about 20 hours. The longest flight was about 17 hours from Washington to Johannesburg. On this flight, there were mini televisions on the back of the seats. I was able to sleep for most of the first half of the flight, but not so much for the second half. I did enjoy watching movies on the flight. But, all in all, the flight was great!!
    Friday morning was tough. I was so tired from flying, but I managed to be attentive on the first day of class. Our speaker, Stuart Hendry, is a great person, speaker, and businessman. He spoke about leadership and how to be a great leader. One question arose. How do you distinguish between a good & bad leader? We discussed the different characteristics of good and bad leaders and how leaders have benefit the community via good or bad. Stuart spoke about an organization in South Africa called Dino King. This is where leaders are made. This organization finds people to who is willing lead by influencing others to come together. You either walk apart, behind, or together. Good leaders walk together with the community. Stuart gave us a package to fill out. It helps us find out where we still as young leaders. Throughout this session, I was evaluating myself to see where I fit. Am I a good leader, if so, how? This question is hard to answer because it cause for me to “dig deeper” into the core and find my true purpose for life and see if I am following that path and that difficult to do.

  8. In order to fully understand the future it is imperative to understand to the present; but in order to fully understand both you must respect and appreciate your past. Learning about South Africa’s past is just as important for us as it is for the South Africans. After learning of the different cultures and countries that have fought to control this beautiful land over the past several centuries it comes as no surprise to me to see how todays South Africa has been molded and influenced by its past.

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