4 thoughts on “Stellenbosch

  1. I want to personally thank Dr. Turner’s wife for the Stellenbosch day. I could tell this day of luxury had her handprint all over it. Like all spoiled children, we first started with a wine tasting at a local restaurant trying three different Brampton wines. I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Rose, and the Shiraz. If my memory serves me correctly, I preferred the Brampton Shiraz which is a sweet red wine intensely decorated with a bouquet of flavor that allows all of the five senses to be stimulated in just one try. Obviously through this trip of wine tastings, I have learned wine speak. As we tasted the finer things in life, we also got an overview of the rich history Stellenbosch had to offer. We visited the oldest building in the town and saw what life was like in the early 1700s. Another part of our exciting trip was the tea shop where we sampled a Rusk with some of the native teas that are common in the country. We then took a beautiful excursion to the Dornier vineyard where we again sampled some of their fine wines while enjoying the sights of the beautiful mountain in the backgrounds. Finishing the day out, we ate at an African restaurant known as Moyo. It had all of the tribal customs of their culture with the cultural food, music, dance, and even face paint. My face paint artist was not so customary hence the white mustache above my upper lip. Overall, it was an extravagant day with a group that I am noticeably growing closer to as I continue my adventure.

  2. Stellenbosh was one of the most interesting activities we have done so far on this trip. It started off with a trip around the town as we were carried on a historical info session. We learned about the old armory and the fact that the water that runs down from the mountain is still used throughout the city. We were able to your around and see the many little quaint shops and see a bunch of historical monuments. Each monument had its own unique background story that was weirdly interesting. Throughout this tour we stopped an were able to sample some fine teas during “tea time” and I was able to go on my first wine tasting tour. It was pretty awesome to sample the many wines and actually learn the techniques to sample the wines, how to smell for the differen ingredients, and also how to tell the quality from a simple twirling of the glass. It all ended with a dinner off some African animals such as impala steak, springbok sausage, and many others. This trip gets better and better with everyday, and I look forward to continuing my stay here in Cape Town.

  3. We visited a different city in South Africa today called Stellenbosch. As we were walking through the town we all kept commenting that we felt like we were walking through the streets of downtown Charleston. It was very different from the atmosphere here in Cape Town. We began our tour of Stellenbosch by learning some of the history to the town. It is known for its wine estates- not to be confused with a wine ranch as our tour guide informed us. Tea time was official with full teapots and everything. We sampled three different kinds of tea all of which were pretty good for someone who doesn’t drink much tea back home. From there we went to a butchery and toured some different local shops- in one we learned how they made their silk for their products. They grow then use their own silk worms. We went to our first wine tasting of the day at an on the street place called Brampton’s. I really liked the atmosphere of this place because it was very artsy and targeted our generation. Stellenbosch was definitely the city for wine because we tried many new ones all along our tour. I tried ox tail for the first time at lunch and it tasted no different from any other beef… just a little tougher. We went to a different restaurant for pudding… and more wine. My favorite wine stop of the day was Dornier. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I got all artsy and took a picture with my wine glass, the estate and Table Mountain in the background and everyone felt the need to try it out ha! For dinner we ate at Moyo which was a buffet style restaurant with entertainment. The local dancers taught members of the crowd their native dance moves and then proceeded to serenade us as we were sitting by the fire before we left. It was such a fun experience and the food was all amazing- lots of South African cuisine. We all returned to the hotel very tired and ready for bed before our big day at Phillippi. So. Much. Wine.

  4. I have had a great time so far in South Africa. The first day we had class we met Stewart, who talked to us about any things, one being the history of Africa. This really interested me because the history of South Africa is in many ways similar to the history of America. In both South Africa and America one race suppressed another, there was tension, and the broken was addressed. That day in class we also learned how they are trying to address those problems by working in the communities, especially with the youth and the schools they go to. Another day we hiked to the top of Table Mountain which was very beautiful. We saw some small animals and birds, but the best part was looking out at the cape. We also took a trip to see the University of Cape Town, and heard some students, who take classes there, talk about the products they are developing. They were all really innovative and intriguing ideas, some of which were personal swimming pools that could make money by adding a entrance fee to neighbors, a portable solar charger for iPads and iPhones, and a dress that could change into many different styles. Today we heard a speaker talk about leadership and good business. One of the things he talked about were the “four legs of the table,” which are what he said are necessary for a successful business; and without one, he said the whole business would either fall apart or not be successful. They include admin/finances, branding/product, people, and social responsibility. We have done a lot of other fun things like going on a wine tour. Which had great food, views, and wine. We learned a bit about wine tasting and the history of the local town.

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